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Sophisticated Videos to Define Your Business

Explainer Videos engage your audience – the right kind of audience – and keep them informed about what you are and what you do!


Why Videos work?


Open Your Eyes

When you are working with animated explainer videos, you make it easy to engage with your visitors and to give everyone something special to remember your purpose.

Educate Your Users

Giving people who come to visit your website a way to digest information quickly and easily is so important, and our videos educate as well as are entertaining.

Make the Sale

Convincing people to buy into your theology and your ideals is very important, and with this package you can increase conversion rates and opt-in numbers with ease.

Improve Your Rankings

A small video is more than enough to improve your entire outlook, whilst giving your business a significant boost in terms of what search engines look for.

Boost Your Sales

Making extra sales is vitally important to the long-term growth of your business, and these animated short videos can go viral and get more people interested and engaged.


We are storytellers! Brands are our subjects, design is our voice!

When a picture has a capacity to speak a thousand words, a video surely can nicely depict a long story without making the people get bored and delivering just the right message.

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About SparkViz

Now that the world is evolving at a very fast pace and the technology is moving along side at a matching speed, it is time we modified the way we introduce our organizations and brands to the world out there. This is what we at SparkViz thrive for. We help you tell your story to your people in the form of an enticing video consisting of a nice story. For we believe that when a picture has a capacity to speak a thousand words, a video surely can nicely depict a long story without making the people get bored and delivering just the right message.

This way of communicating and connecting with people you want to cater to is something that helps make a bond with them at the same time. Every great idea that you are working upon should have this power of reaching out to its people magically- this is what makes us going.


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We have some very talented and dedicated team members to work upon your project… After all, your project is what makes us going!
We believe

For us at SparkViz, video is much more than just animated pictures. The whole magic lies in your story – and then the video we create helps beautify it. People remember what they see, and people love what amazes them. Video branding by SparkViz vouches for amazement factor – one time, every time!

Our skills
After Effects


We make creative, attention taking  2D and 3D corporate, promotional and animated videos for our clients.Our video production services include whiteboard, explainer and infographic videos, 3D videos, digital signage, training videos, online promotions,offline promotions, brochure ,flyer, poster design ,logo stings, and YouTube intros.

Meet the team

We are a group of creative and enthusiastic people who feel for their customers and their wish to grow global with their ideas. With our beautiful pixels, we give life to your thoughts. Our powerful and creative visuals vouch to turn your audience into your customers.
Jatin Founder & Chair meet me >>
Co-founder & Director at Sparkviz

Jatin had great experience of working on animation and video Projects. With degrees in Multimedia and Informatics, he is a well-rounded specialist in both design and technical skills. Two words to describe jatin? Handwork and Vision.

Oh, and also, he is a passionate animal lover , who enjoys travelling the world, reading books on free days or watching movies on lazy evenings.
Kartikeya Principal meet me >>
Co-Founder & CEO at Sparkviz

Kartik has experience with corporate sector as Creative Designer. With the goal of providing high quality work, he work towards creating new and innovative marketing ideas. Combining the latest technologies, trends and ideas allows him to constantly obtain fresh perspectives demonstrating new creative approaches.

An open-minded professional, he is an enthusiastic problem solver and is known for his passion for creating win-win solutions.
Ronni Founder & Chair meet me >>
Business Development & marketing at Sparkviz

Ronni has more than 5 years of experience.At Sparkviz,He nurtures our studio space, handles our team- building and management processes and makes sure that we don't forget to have fun.

He spends 80% of his time answering emails (if you don't hear back from us, you know who to blame!). In the other 20% he looks after Sparkviz (our studio).


Service isn’t just a phrase for us!

We are a multidisciplinaire full service agency. We are proud to offer you a wide
variety of awesome services. Please see for yourself

Why choose SparkViz?

What Makes Us Different?
  • Morality
    This makes us going… We are a team of passionate people, dedicated with full honesty towards our work. This honesty is reflected in-house and with clients at all levels. We stick to the deadlines we commit and update you about all things that come in between while we are at the project. We keep in mind your special idea and work on the project based upon the brand and its requirements. With us, you can stay assured about high level of honesty and best in class work!
  • Fixed Packages and All-inclusive In-house Services
    Playing fair helps keep the clients intact, and we believe in it so much. After talking to you to understand your brand and requirements, we take the whole responsibility of writing the script to creating the storyboard, from getting the voiceover done to final animation, on our shoulders. And all of it comes at up-front simple prices, because simplicity is the way to go. You can choose from various packages depending upon your requirements. No hidden costs or over-head charges after that!
  • Quality Assurance
    Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We aim for quality in whatever we do. At every stage of video creation, quality is something that stays throughout, so the end product- the animated explainer video- is high in quality.
  • Affordability
    As it is, people cannot build their faith on something easily and they always fear what if things go wrong and their well-earned money goes down the drain? We keep our prices simple so that you do not think about experimenting something new- something which is sure to do wonders for the branding of your company. Get going now!


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Our Blog, every day something new!

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December 5, 2015
SparkViz Announces Launch Offering Diverse Creative and Sophisticated Video Production Services for All Sized Businesses

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November 9, 2015
Sophisticated Videos to Define Your Business

By using Explainer videos, you keep people interested in what you need to create targeted demographics who will take in everything you can possible explain to them through your videos. Now, you can remove any uncertainty about who you are and what you offer!

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November 9, 2015
Importance of Explainer Video

When using an explainer video, you make it ten times easier for people to see what you offer, and why you offer it. By doing this, you make it much simpler for those without any knowledge of what you offer to understand why you exist and what it is that you can do to h

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October 29, 2015
Why Explainer Videos

Simply because they are engaging! Unlike Presentations and Spreadsheets, explainer videos do not lead people to sleep. With explainer videos- as the name suggests- you can explain the content in a better way. Viewer engagement is guaranteed with explainer videos, and that is what you as a company or

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October 29, 2015

Q1. Why SparkViz for Video creation? A1. You would always want the best at the most economical prices. This is what we at SparkViz strive for. We never compromise with the quality at any stage and put our clients and their satisfaction above all else. Q2. How to get going about it? A2. It i

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Striking headlines are our passion

Say it short but say it loud! That’s our secret!
  • Spark your business into life with a competitive and friendly service which is built around creating organic results. by Sparkviz

  • Great marketing starts with great stories.Be unique, Inspire, and connect. by Ann Handley

Check our plans!

We offer you unmatched quality of animated explainer video at the most competitive price and our prices are sure to never burn a hole in your pocket!

What does this cost?

We offer custom plans for startups. Contact us for more info.
    • Simple
    • Creative script writing
    • Voice over
    • Motion graphics
    • Storyboard development
    • Animation
    • 4 rounds of revision
    • Dynamic
    • Creative script writing
    • Professional voice over
    • Character design
    • Storyboard development
    • Sound design
    • Animation
    • Motion graphics
    • 6 rounds of revision
    • Outstanding
    • Creative script writing
    • Professional voice over
    • Unique character design
    • Storyboard development
    • Advanced sound design
    • Detailed animation
    • Motion graphics
    • Unlimited rounds of revision
    • Visual effects
    • 3D elements
    • Dedicated account – manager






We follow an easy and interactive step-by-step procedure to create videos. The steps are:



Click of an Idea


A billion-dollar idea is what makes us moving. Once you have that, we can discuss over a cup of coffee and finalize it all.



Writing the Script


Next comes the vital part that can make or break your impression. Based upon the discussion with you and what your company is all about, we write the script which you can further ask us to modify.


Story Boarding



A picture speaks a thousand words… and a video, many more than that. People base their discretion on what they see. Storyboarding includes character making, giving them a personal style, colours, themes, etc. Your inputs are always welcome on the storyboarding part.



Voice over

Voice-over Time


Video is a combination of sound and visuals. Sound, hence, plays a vital role in making the video understandable and a big hit. Next comes the final voice-over stage, where we give a voice to the characters involved.



Graphics Addition


After the base video is ready, the team at SparkViz works to add graphics to the video to enhance its look.





The video is now given final touches, wherein animations are added to render a dramatic effect. Once done till here, we are ready with the video for your company.





Okay now, just creating the video won’t give you any fruitful results. Broadcasting it is as important. To help you stay focused just on your business part, we take the responsibility of broadcasting the video on various platforms too on our shoulders.



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